BACnet Building Management System BMS

Energy-efficient monitoring & control of your buildings via web browser

The web-based building management system (BMS) is specially developed for the monitoring and control of HVAC systems as well as zone and room control in buildings – from your local computer or any location via mobile end devices. For this purpose, an HTML 5 Web Client (operation via browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.), a desktop client and an app are available. With the graphical visualisation you can always keep an eye on your building, and with our intelligent control strategy you can also ensure operation at the optimum energy level. System faults and alarms are communicated directly via the internal Event Control Center (ECC) and can be sent to your service staff via the Alarm Application on Mobile devices . So you can act quickly and efficiently.

The software is suitable for almost any project – whether that be in offices, hotels, schools or swimming pools. From the smallest application to large and complex projects with redundancy requirements. You can choose whether BMS software should be implemented locally on your computer or as a modern cloud solution. Thanks to the cloud solution, even small building automation projects with 100 data points or more can benefit from a comprehensive BMS in the subscription model. Benefit from our IT expertise – our experts are always available to support and advise you.

From secure remote maintenance and simple system integration to economical site networking of your properties – We are the right BMS solution provider for your individual projects and requirements.

Building automation for office buildings

Exploiting existing potential for saving energy

As facility manager, you are looking for opportunities to lower expenses while increasing the economic efficiency. However, various areas of your office and administration buildings, such as individual offices, conference rooms, IT server rooms, media technology or the cafeteria have a special set of requirements to be met by building automation. This set of requirements also offers an enormous potential for saving energy. The Building automation solutions provide you with an overview of the current consumption of energy and enable you to fully exploit the potential for saving energy. They can ensure for example that a given conference room or an individual office are only climate-controlled and illuminated when actually in use; or that the ventilation system in the cafeteria runs in eco mode outside of peak hours. This helps ensure efficient use of energy in your offices and administration buildings.

Energieeffiziente Bürogebäude durch DEOS Gebäudeautomation. Mit der patentierten Lüftungsregelung OPENdynamics und dem Lichtmanagement Human Centric Lighting sorgen Sie für optimale Luftqualität sowie angenehme Beleuchtung und können so die Produktivität Ihrer Mitarbeiter steigern.

Increasing employees’ productivity

The room climate plays an important role for all employees working in office buildings: stuffy air, draughts, noise and the associated illnesses (e.g. sick building syndrome) are a thing of the past with our solutions for office buildings. The optimize ventilation control system helps ensure optimum air quality.

By increasing the Fresh air, using Energy Recovery Ventilators and Heat Recovery Wheels system, they provides a perfect working environment for employees to be able to concentrate and work productive.

Our solutions for your buildings

With your decision for a building automation system from OS, your office buildings will be afforded a maximum of energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable room climate for all office workers. Rely on 15 years of experts experience in the industry.

Building automation for the healthcare sector

Room climate conducive to good health

Building automation systems in the healthcare sector for laboratories, hospitals or care facilities present challenges of their own due to a set of specific requirements. Apart from general building management, the demands placed on laboratories, clean rooms, OP theatres and intensive care units present a challenge of their own.

For operating authorities, there are three core aspects at the forefront: The creation of a comfortable room climate for patients and employees, compliance with quality standards as well as economic operation of the facility. Solution concepts from OSEC for the healthcare sector fully address these aspects and help create the required building transparency through integration in the existing system.

Erschaffen Sie ein gesundheitsförderndes Raumklima für das Wohlbefinden der Patienten mit den DEOS Gebäudelösungen wie der Technologie Human Centric Lighting für natürliches Tageslicht oder der patentierten Lüftungsregelung OPENdynamics für optimales Raumklima.

Building automation of industrial facilities

Revealing and exploiting potential for saving energy

Operations of industrial facilities need to be more efficient than ever before in this era of digitisation. This requires the use of intelligent building automation systems to help keep operating expenses low. We are offering building automation concepts tailored to meet the requirements of your building. Solutions from OSEC enable industrial facility managers to increase the energy efficiency while reducing the operating expenses for the building.

We can easily and quickly tap into unused potential for saving energy in your facilities. The EMS  from OSEC will reveal the potential for saving energy and thus enable implementing energy optimisation measures. This saves costs and the dashboard provides you with an overview of the actual energy consumption of the facility right at your fingertips.

Nutzen Sie intelligente Gebäudeautomationslösungen für ein energieeffizientes Industriegebäude und reduzierte Betriebskosten. Das DEOS Energiemanagementsystem OPENenergy erkennt ungenutzte Energiesparpotentiale und ermöglicht so energieoptimierende Maßnahmen.