Efficient energy management

Save up to 50% on your energy costs

Rising costs for raw materials, resources and energy, increasing competitive pressure in the industries and the current energy policy: all these are factors that demand a rethink in society and the efficient use of energy. 40% of the total energy is used to operate buildings. This means that every company also has an economic interest in reducing energy costs through the efficient use of energy. With our energy management, enormous savings potential can be realised in any type of building.

Sơ đồ kết nối hệ thống giám sát điện năng

Energy Monitoring for your Office with reasonable price

We offer the smart and compact EMS system for your Office, only at the one time cost from 150 USD / 1-Phase meter, or 200 USD / 3-Phase meter

The offer also include software and hardware for deploying the system. The system features and benefits are:

Real-time monitoring the power consumption via online URL

Historical data of KWH by daily / monthly / yearly

Trend display of electrical parameters

Report all data into Excel format

Get the alarm via Email or SMS (need option SMS module), when having overload, high or low voltage events…

The more Energy Meters you installed, the more savings you can get on your project.

Measuring Methods

Total Building Electricity and 3 Phase AC measuring

Easy to install – Can be install inside small cabinet, each meter install directly on 3 Phase of Power line

Record historical energy for latest 31 days (per 15min.), latest 12 months and latest 10 years

Wide Measurement Range – Support direct 63A or 100/200/300/400A via optional split core CTs

High Accuracy – kWh accuracy class 0.5s or 1.0

1 Phase AC measuring

Easy to install – Can be install inside small cabinet, each meter install directly on 1 Phase of Power line

Measurement Range – Support 63A direct

High Accuracy – kWh accuracy class 1.0

Cabinet MCB measuring by each MCB Circuit 

Small Size –Can be install at the closest point, integrate in existing space-constrained installations.

Ultra-compact Design –Consists of control unit and current  split core sensors

Wide Measurement Range -Max. Support 63A

Multi Circuit -Support 30 single phase circuit or 10 three phase circuit AC measuring

High Accuracy –Voltage & Current class 0.5 , kWh class 1.0