Security and application Technologies

Access Control System-Entry control system

  • The Access control unit is installed at the point of access at the building's working office area for every moment of the staff and guests.
  • Hierarchy – Priority authorization for different cards based on information about the user's rights to the card, allow access to or not to be out of areas in the building at times, especially the important technical areas of the building are controlled 24/24h, the software allows the person responsible to close or open each door or the entire system door in these areas for inspection purposes. The illegal access or technical alarms associated with these security points will be saved at the system's statistical report, the System Manager performs a click on the reporting lines on the screen, which will be presented on the graphics application screen when programmed to be installed.
  • The card reader is set the program to control the position out from time to time and at the request of each region, allowing control to access to the card's preference. Managers can change the time limit out of the required tags, prioritize them into areas, or for all cards with the right to exit, which can also be uncontrollable at a time for emergency escape reasons.
  • Interconnect with fire alarm system: In case of fire alarm signal, the input management system can be assigned the open mode all the doors in the room or only one area, meet the technical requirements, the system receives the fire alarm signals according to the fire alarm signal is provided and will be programmed to open only the In a fire alarm area.
  • Connected to a building management system: All door statuses are integrated and represented on the graphical interface of BMS and mobile systems in the alarm applications or supply management for the region.
  • Connect to Surveillance camera system: in the doors area with CCTV, the recording system can coordinate to recognize the face of people in and compare with the registration data, to detect the case of improper use of the given right card.
  • The access control system needs to use dedicated system management software. With this software, operation of the manager's door access control system is easier with the machine interfaces using the graphical interface that was created based on the drawing of the ground of the areas of the building that the system manages.
  • The device of the access control system, hardware, is consistent with the current safety standards.
  • The out-of-the-line management system needs to maintain the feed for operational devices when grid loss occurs. Acquy can be used as a backup source even when there is no response to the overall UPS feed of the building, ensuring the factor in the safety of 24/24 hours in the operation control the output into the area.

The data storage function of the access control system, control of the information of the device: Card reader, the controller of the card reader signal processing, and the card of the system.

  • The controller has the function of collecting and storing data of events occurring at the gates controlled by transmitting the data receiver to the SDIM (Reader Interface Module) communication controllers on a network structure using the RS485 transmission standard.
  • The controller has the ability to control up to 16 connected access addresses in the form of an industrial, RS485 FLN (Floor Level Network) communication standard.
  • Each controller has the ability to control and store the maximum data up to 30,000 users, hosting up to 100,000 events, and all the information about the card owner.
  • The controllers store and process the entire operation process, installed programs from the management station and transmitted to SDIM (Reader Interface Module) to control the door.
Access Controller Center Adapter
  • Contains a full range of security control functions and
  • 16 Doors management
  • Supports all common card reader techniques (no touch, fingerprint reading, non-contact card reader coordination with keyboard to access individual number codes)
  • Database 30,000 user Tags
  • Provides 256 zone definition of time and schedule work, 64 group holidays.
  • The default IP address for external test operators
  • Ethernet port to connect to the TCP/IP LAN network server
  • RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 ports for other connections
  • On-Premises alarm output
  • LED Operational Status Lights
  • Intelligent Access Control Tool
  • Perform an on-premises event processing operation
  • Integrated with the IP camera system to capture and query images, through the card impact, store events for use as evidence when there is a security incident.
  • Anti-passback function and forced access alarm. When the door is opened in an emergency situation, the controller sends the signal to the instant Center for alarm.

On the LAN system, each Access Controller installed with 1 IP address is uniquely similar to the computers located in the network

Door controllers

Each door is controlled by an electronic circuit board (Single Door Interface Module – SDIM). Each SDIM is supplied with 1 power supply and 01 set of 7Ah batteries to keep the operation and storage of data when there is a loss of power grid.

SDIM cabinets are installed with ceiling, wall and ceiling mounting cable, in the supply door frames and receive information from door locks.

Card readers are mounted at the door and into the entrance, in an easy-to-see location for convenience for people out and into areas.

Card readers meet the fine art requirements, which do not affect the architecture of the building.

Functions and tasks of SDIM:

  • The SDIM intermediate communication set has the ability to connect different types of readers to the central management kit. The system uses the device of flexibility, no need to change the hardware of the reader, just reload the firmware software.
  • This system supports all types of contactless readers (proximity), magnetic card reader, smart card reader, keypad code… corresponding to the card types and control methods.
  • SDIM Intermediate Communication Sets process read information from tags, door locks, door statuses, push button exits, and media Access Controller, and receive commands from Access Controller to control locks, other digital outputs, or to programmatically communicate with events such as fire, break-in at all times.

The SDIM intermediate communication sets are an exchange of information on the FLN/RS485 communication network. These SDIM intermediate communication sets peer into peer to Peer style and are directly connected to the Access Controller.